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Please agree to the following terms and conditions to download an application form

We understand a) My Independent Broker maintains his/her own client information and is not an employee or agent of Mortgage Intelligence Inc, b) Mortgage Intelligence has individuals (including My Independent Broker) acting for it, c) our Mortgage Intelligence File (containing our personal information) will be kept physically at the office of My Independent Broker until a loan/mortgage is funded, after which it is sent a Mortgage Intelligence corporate or licensed office for review and storage, and electronically on Mortgage Intelligence computer systems, d) access to this File is restricted to personnel having a need to deal with the File, and e) we can review and correct personal information in this File or our personal contact information in My Independent Broker’s client contact database.


My Independent Broker can retain and use our personal contact information for these purposes for seven years after the last loan/mortgage application made on our behalf.

Mortgage Intelligence can use our personal information for these purposes and can:

> obtain personal information about me/us from consumer reporting agencies, credit bureaus, and real estate appraisers, and (if more than one client) about either of us from the other,
> provide our personal information to third parties for these purposes (eg. lenders).

Each lender considering our applications from Mortgage Intelligence can:

> obtain personal information about me/us from consumer reporting agencies, credit bureaus, and real estate appraisers, and (if more than one client) about either of us from the other,
> ensure the accuracy of our personal information by contacting third parties.

Our personal information can be retained by Mortgage Intelligence and by these lenders for seven years after:

> the last loan/mortgage application made on our behalf, or
> the end of the term of the loan/mortgage,

whichever is later.

Other Terms

1. Throughout this application, “I”, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to each applicant and co-applicant consenting below; “you” and “your” refer to Mortgage Intelligence Inc.
2. We certify that the information provided is true and accurate, that all our debts are current and in good standing, that we have no outstanding judgments, and that we have not declared bankruptcy in the last 6 years.
3. We acknowledge that you may be receiving a finder’s fee from a lender in respect of arranging a mortgage/loan and we hereby waive any right to deny or dispute our receiving said fee.
4. We acknowledge that the evaluation, inspection and legal expenses incidental to this application will be paid by us.
5. We will not make any claims against you for any failure to obtain a loan / mortgage commitment, or for any actions or omissions to act by any lender.
6. In consideration of your acting for us, we agree to the terms and provisions listed in this Privacy Protection and Client Consent.

Please download the mortgage application and print it.

Please complete the application and mail it to to the following address:

Peter Kampe
Mortgage Intelligence
1099 Kingston Road, Suite 215
Pickering, ON
L1V 1B5

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Client Testimonials
  • It was really a great experience working with Peter Kampe of Mortgage Intelligence. We definitely will come back to use his services in the future.
    We appreciate his speedy, professional attitude and his support throughout all the process.  Everything was arranged – application, approval, appraisal and referral to lawyer in a very short period of time.

    J and C Traya
  • We are thankful to Peter for arranging our mortgage. Peter understood our needs and made the whole process simple for us…He is professional, knowledgeable and responsive. We will be referring our friends and family to Peter in the near future.

    Mr. and Mrs. Moumos, Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • I was very pleased with Peter's prompt, efficient and courteous service. I got a much better rate than I could have got on my own and the whole process was very user-friendly. I have used mortgage brokers in the past and Peter's service and negotiating skills are second to none.

    Mr. Terrence Pochmurski, Markham, Ontario
  • Thank you so much for arranging our mortgage for us. There was little hassle and we are very satisfied with your service. When we need a new mortgage we will be sure to contact you. Thanks again.

    Mr. and Mrs. Freeman, St. Thomas, Ontario
  • We feel that Peter’s enthusiasm and compassion are rare commodities in the Mortgage industry. Peter’s attention to detail and his ability to understand exactly what we wanted was refreshing. Not all plans work out the way you want but with Peter’s assistance our dream became reality and we purchased a home that our family will enjoy for years to come. If a recommendation is a form of flattery Peter will be receiving our recommendation on a regular basis.

    Mr. and Mrs. Locke, North York , Ontario
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